Ciclo Sol Ride Groups

The Ride Groups

We offer six levels of ride groups to meet all abilities and to enable riders to enjoy their ride without the worry of having to wait or to keep up with their friends and partners:

Group 1, “Hard Riders”.

This group is for fit racing cyclists looking for a fast hard ride of 80-100 miles at 18+mph. Mountains will be tackled at a hard pace and much bragging rights go to the first rider over the top!

Group 2, “Sports Riders”

This group is for strong riders and racers looking for good mileage. Ride length will be similar to Group 1 but at a steadier pace of 17+mph. Mountains are attacked with similar vigour to Group 1!

Group 3, “Steady Riders”

This group is for good club riders looking for a fairly challenging but enjoyable day out on the bike. 60 -80 miles at 15+mph. Mountains are climbed at your own pace with a lot of encouragement and reward. A ride leader will always follow the last rider to the top to ensure we all arrive safely.

Group 4, “Easy Riders”

This group rides a similar distance as Group 3 but at an easier pace of 14+mph and usually, there is the option to avoid the big climb up to or over the mountain.

Group 5, “Shorter Easy Rides”

This is a similar pace to Group 4 but over a shorter distance with rides of around 40-50 miles.

Group 6, “Touring”

The speed is at the pace of the slowest rider, so usually, 10 to 12mph. Anything from 25 to 35 miles a day, with one or two café stops and no one, gets left behind. Some days our group varies in abilities, a few being a little faster, but not good enough for group 3 or 4. In which case we all start out together and at a suitable point the group will split, the faster riders can then join me in an extra 20km and meet the slower group (lead by the assistant ride leader) at our lunch stop, returning home together.

Riders meet up as follows:

Groups 1 to 4 meet at 09.15 for a 09.30 start, outside reception. Groups 5 & 6 meet at 09.45 for a 10.00 start.

Each group will have a ride leader, so you have no need for maps. Just make sure you have the means/tools to repair a puncture or a minor fault, a little cash for the lunch stop during the ride, your insurance details and some form of ID. All guests will be provided with a CicloSol PVC zipped case you can use to carry this information, possibly your mobile phone and/or your camera.

From our locations in Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia, we have direct access to either flat terrain to the centre of the island or challenging mountains to the north-west. We tend to have “mountain” days or “flat” days. The distances quoted for our Ride Groups are based on flat days.

Cafe Stops
On most days the café stop for groups 1 - 4 is at the same location. This is designed to create a focal point for the riders and our support car in our April camp, to let riders change groups if they wish and to enable us all to spend some social time together.

If you find the ride you are on is just that little bit too fast for you, then the next day (or at the café stop) simply drop down a group. If you do drop down a group for an easy ride, remember it is an easy day, don’t start mixing it up at the front!

All our groups will operate on a No Drop basis – the ride leader will endeavour to keep the group together all day.

All groups will wait for mechanicals and punctures.