Ciclo Sol FAQ


Do I have to be a serious cyclist to come on your camp?

No not at all. We cater for all levels of riders, that’s why we have up to 6 levels of ride groups. We just ask that riders in groups 1-5 are able to ride in pairs.


Do I need a map?

No, Our ride leaders will guide you, leaving you to enjoy all the beauty of the Island of Mallorca.


Do I need to bring my own bike?

No, although most people do. There are a lot of really good bike hire shops where you can hire anything from a touring bike up to the latest Pinarello race bike. See our list of local bike hires.


Can I come for any length of time?

Yes but our standard week runs from Sunday to Sunday. Our shared transfers are only available on Sundays and this is the day our ride leaders have off.


My partner would like to come but they are not a cyclist, is this OK?

Yes absolutely, especially on the Spring and Autumn camps when the weather is generally very warm. There is plenty of sightseeing and much more to do.


What happens if I can’t keep up, or if I have a puncture or mechanical problem?

We operate a no-drop policy so we will wait for you. If you are struggling in a group you can change down to an easier group (even at lunch time)


I’m not very confident of climbing or descending, will I be able to keep up?

On the big climbs we let everybody climb and descend at their own pace then re-group at the top or bottom (often with a cup of coffee). Normally the ride leaders will ride near the back of a group to ensure that everybody is OK.


I would like to come out on my own – what happens if I don’t know any one?

Don’t worry at all, we are famed for our friendly camps. We have groups and individuals and soon all become one big happy family (that’s why we get so many returning guests.)


Do I have to ride every day?

No it’s your holiday so you choose what you do. If you wish to have a day off and sit around the pool, please feel free.