Ciclo Sol Bike Hire

Bike Hire

There are a number of reasons for hiring a bike locally:

Cost of air passage and bike box/bag, risk of damage and effort of packing and unpacking your bike against the cost of hiring, especially if you are only riding for a week.

The chance to ride a bike for a week or two that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

The opportunity to try new cycling technology before you buy back home.

Whatever your reason, if you do decide to hire it is always a good idea to book early. It is not unusual for there to be a shortage of bikes as the weather warms up, particularly if you are an unusual size.

When comparing prices etc., consider what is and isn’t included: insurance, pedals, deposit, identification, fines for late return! Please read the small print – insurance normally covers damage and not loss or theft! For those who have not been before or who need reminding, most shops close early on a Saturday afternoon, so make sure your chosen bike shop will open for you or can deliver to you.

Bike Hires in Puerto Pollenca: